Leading the UX efforts and consulting for the upcoming launch of the new stussy.com global online store. Research, A/B testing of the current product, gathering insight and analytics to construct data-informed redesign effort. Based on the findings, aid in rollout strategy, and then create prototyped wireframes together with the internal design team for the entire online user experience across all devices.

Design: Stussy
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Consulting IA QA Research Shopify UI UX Wireframes

Delphi Labs: Avatar

A preview of a fully prototyped wireframe concept for Delphi Labs on the Terra blockchain that rewarded users with a customizable NFT experience based on the on-chain behaviour. Journey would start with a user minting its unique core, representing their wallet’s activity at the snapshot and would then evolve, over time. Users would earn items by interacting with various protocols and customize their core by equipping unlocked inventory options.

Agency: We3
File Under:  Web3 
Consulting Figma IA UI UX Wireframes

Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms is one of Canada’s largest producers of greenhouse cannabis. Under the sun of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, they grow cannabis with an approach that blends traditional greenhouse expertise with hands-on knowledge of legacy grow practices.

Design: Glasfurd & Walker
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Consulting Development eCommerce IA Research Shopify UX Wireframes


A rebrand and build of the CEM umbrella, a web-app that curates exclusive live events and virtual meetings that connect issuers with investors, providing rewards points in the process to its participants.

File Under:  Finance 
Development Rebrand Research UI UX Wireframes


Superette is a retail brand that makes buying cannabis as enjoyable as consuming it. In the current sea of cannabis retailers, we wanted to take a fresh approach. So we leaned into more traditional retail environments to create an immersive yet familiar and nostalgic experience.

Design: Superette
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Development eCommerce IA Shopify UX Wireframes

Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus is a line of demi-fine jewelry thoughtfully designed and hand made in Vancouver, BC. — We create pieces for you, whoever you choose to be. Wolf Circus aims to inspire others to embrace their confidence during their daily hustle.

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Design Development eCommerce Shopify Wireframes

West Coast Gifts

West Coast Gifts is Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of glass pipes, vaporizers and smoking accessories for the cannabis connoisseur. With roots in the cannabis space dating back to the early 1990s, WCG is a true OG in the industry.

Design: Post Projects
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B2B eCommerce Frontend Development IA UX Wireframes