Neon Eon

Neon Eon wines are made by Tyler Thrussell in Summerland, BC. In an effort to capture the Spirit of the grape, these wines break from the heavy manipulation common in wine making today and instead respect the fruit and the land it grows on.

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Tractor Foods

Tractor Foods is a family run business with stores in Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto — focused on making healthy foods more accessible for our communities.

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Founded by two beer industry veterans, Nigel Springthorpe and Conrad Gosmer, Brassneck Brewery was established in late 2013 and remains one of Vancouver’s most beloved breweries. With a restlessly rotating offering of perfectly executed staples and small batch, experimental beers, the brewery balances a seriousness about quality with a healthy dose of whimsy and humor.

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The Magnet

The Magnet is a restaurant and beer café that has recently been established on the 300 block of West Pender Street in Vancouver, BC. Being the brainchild of the folks behind both Brassneck Brewery and Alibi Room, its feeling, attitude, attention to detail and passion for quality food and drink should be immediately recognizable to those who are familiar with these two venerable establishments.

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